Environment Immersion – Using the tools of snorkeling and kayaking, guest will explore various ecosystems first hand.

Ecology Tours – guest will explore the ecology and history of the area through a guided tour aboard one of our large tenders.

Intertidal Exploration and Monitoring Program – due to our mobility guest will have access to shore based excursions to explore and research the Intertidal ecosystem.


Marine Invertebrate Exploration and Identification – research oriented wet lab allows guests to observe, study and touch living specimens.

Dissections – greater understanding of invertebrate and fish species through Market Squid [Loligo] and Mackerel dissections.

Chemical Oceanography – using scientific sampling and measurement equipment guest assess physical factors and health of the areas water.

Marine Mammal Exploration – power point lecture, interactive hydrophone experience, and small boat based cetacean observation, provide greater understanding of marine mammals.

Marine Algae Lab – allows guest to understand the importance of primary producers, with an emphasis on the Kelp Forest ecosystem.

Biological Oceanography – guest explore plankton through dissecting and video microscopes.

Cartilaginous and Bony Fish Identification and Observation – guest will learn how to identify fish based on key characteristics and will have the opportunity to view sharks, rays, and various bony fish through environment immersion.

Marine Geology – through sediment sampling guest are introduced to physical oceanography and geology to better understand island formation and benthic communities.

Education Workbook – allows guest to follow and record all labs and lectures and also stresses the concept of keeping a scientific journal.

Experiential Education and Scientific Methodology – utilizing this unique platform our instructors use innovative teaching techniques to promote hands-on learning in all labs and lectures.

The Sea Of Cortez excursions depart from La Paz and San Felipe. When visiting the West Coast Of Baja California we depart from Ensenada  or San Quintin.

Special Destinations also available upon request for research and scientific studies.

Baja Grand Ocean Adventures strictly enforces that all crew and guest do not approach any marine animals, instead allowing them to approach us. Our policy ensures that all the animals’ behavior is not altered. This also enables all of us to study each species’ natural activities.

Sea lions, flying fish, dolphins, plankton and other marine life are attracted and easily observed by our vessels flood lights at night. Camera mounted beneath Raptures hull transmits live images to monitors on board.

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