Playas De Popotla

If you’re looking for some of the best seafood in Baja, California, you might just find it 5 minutes South of Rosarito Beach Hotel. Popotla, a small fishing village at Kilometer 33, sits right on the coast and is full of fisherman, boats, and of course, freshly caught fish. 

Popotla is calm during the week and is quite busy on the weekends. After Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to the rugged fishing town, it’s grown tremendously in popularity.

The village bustles with fisherman and their catches of the day. They beach their boats and lay out their fish, just like you’d see at your local fish market. Walk up to one of the boats and simply point to the fish that looks most appetizing to you. Certain “vendors” or fisherman & their crew will grill up your selection right then and there, or you can take your catch to a restaurant nearby and they’ll prepare it to your liking.

Feel free to go from boat to boat and sample the different bounties of the day. It’s been said that their cocktails and ceviches are most popular – shrimp & lobster cocktails, octopus, etc. But the star, from what we’ve heard, is the spider crab (marciano). All in all, it’s hard to go wrong with any choice in Puerto Popotla, and while the village may seem a bit rough on the eyes, it’s certainly the complete opposite with the taste.

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